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Nov 23, 2013

Ceiling Art

I have just touched a photo from my travel to Istanbul, a beautiful ceiling decoration in a Harem in Topkapi palace.

Photo of a roof decoration in Istanbul
Ceiling Art

Nov 18, 2013

Dreaming with slow shutter

Playing with shutter speed is a lot of fun. For this photo I tried low shutter speed while panning the camera vertically. Start by panning the camera slowly from top to down and press the shutter button on the move.
Touched the photo with Capture NX and Nik Software kit.

Have a nice dream!

Photo of a dream
Dreaming with slow shutter speed

Nov 17, 2013

Opera and the symmetry

After a long time, I could touch one of my photos that I took in last September in Oslo. The Oslo Opera building has a unique style and the huge glass walls makes it possible to take nice symmetric photos. Here is one I took about beginning of night.

A photo taken by Oslo's Opera
Oslo and the symmetry

Sep 13, 2013

We are down here!

We are down here! The boys shout and run, again and again.
The above line is what I feel about this image. I consider this image to be in abstract or conceptual category, and sure anyone can have a different perception. I would like to know what others comprehend from this image. Maybe you can tell me yours.
The photo is taken in Vigelandsparken in Oslo.

Abstract or conceptual photo.

Sep 12, 2013

Tree Tunnel

Here is a stylish work of a photo taken in Frogner park, Oslo. A beautiful tree tunnel close to the main entrance of the park.
RAW process is done within Nikon Capture NX2 and the toned balck and white work is done in Silver FX Pro2.

A photo of a tree tunnel taken in Frogner park, Oslo
Tree Tunnel

Sep 7, 2013

Run the autumn

Fall is here and the leaves are falling. I am waiting for more colors and beautiful autumn scenes. This photo has an stylish theme, that is I processed it with some touch of own style. The photo is taken in Frogner park in Oslo, a very famous and beautiful park.

Run the autumn

Oslo Opera

Oslo's opera house ( is very special and has a great architecture. It is located by the sea with a beautiful view towards the sea. I took this shot long after sunset from a pedestrian stair ways holding the camera steady on the stairs' guard since I did not have a tripod. This long shot is taken with a Nikon 50mm lens.

A night photo of Oslo Opera
Oslo Opera

Ahh! Really?

A girl is sitting by the Oslo Opera where a huge image of a man is on its glass wall. From this point of view it looks like they are talking with each other and the man is surprised by what she has said.
Photo from Oslo Opera.

Sep 1, 2013

Paint it good

It is time for a post after a long silence. And here is a still life shot, a photo of some painting brushes. I tried to give this photo a special style, a different mood.
And, no I don't paint but I would love to.
A photo of a set of beautiful painting brushes
Paint it good

Aug 12, 2013


The grand bazaar of Istanbul offers a big variety of things. One can find almost everything there. Window of a carpet shop was one of the most eye catching vitrines with beautiful carpets in different gorgeous colors.

Photo of a carpet shop window in Grand bazaar of Istanbul

Aug 7, 2013

Fruit photography

For the first time I tried fruit photography with controlled light (almost) by these strawberries. I used a Nikon SB-900 strobe with a small Lastolite soft box on it, and a golden reflector. In the setup the strobe was firing from front right side with about 40 degrees from the horizontal line of the strawberries' imaginary plane. The golden reflector was on the left side very close to the berries. I also used a 20mm extension tube from Polaroid to give my 85mm lens a little macro capability, so that I could focus from a closer distance.
The result is post processed in Capture NX2.

Photo of strawberries

Inside a Cathedral in Barcelona

Photographying with a high-end DSLR is great for having high quality photos and using numerous great options, and I love it. With that in mind, I also enjoy taking photos with mobile phones to capture fun photos of my kids and locations to record my memories, and typically that is when I do not have my big camera by side. Mobile phones are handy to use. The story of a photo is independent to the type of the used camera. That is why I think mobile phone camera is great for documentation and recording memories although I cannot produce high quality prints out of that.

That much said, here is a photo I took in a Cathedral in Barcelona, Spain, when I had not my DSLR camera along.

This is taken on Android phone and it is touched with Snapseed photo editor.

Aug 6, 2013


I was playing with an archive photo to make it more interesting. The big change in this photo is the sky color. It was not reddish at all, it was gray-blue-ish cloudy and boring. So here is a manipulated photo.
Applying such changes is simple in Capture NX2 using the powerful Color Control Point tool.

Photo of a road

Aug 4, 2013

Sailing in a sunny day

It is about a long time I could not post here since I was quite busy.
Today the weather was very nice, a sunny warm summer day, an exceptional day here. I spent a while by the sea and clouds were crazy, big bumpy clouds. I loved it.
I hope everyone had a lovely summer.

Photo of a sailing boat in the sea

Jul 16, 2013

Looking out

I worked out different compositions of a flower by the window, that is looking outside, and I could only pick this one. It might be an odd view to a flower, to look at its back, but it shows a nice structure of the branch and how it hangs and the way it looks outside.

Photo of a flower looking out of a window
Looking out

Jul 11, 2013


Open the door and jump into the ocean or welcome a ship at the door.
This is in Tromsø, Norway.

Photo of a ship at the door

Jul 4, 2013

Over the bridge

Driving across a bridge is fun. This is a pretty small bridge, but a nice one, specially when seen with its reflection, looks like an eye. There was not much traffic over this bridge at midnight, but I was lucky to catch a car in my relatively long shot (slow shutter speed). I like the motion blur of the car over the bridge. This is what a bridge provides, a crossing, a movement further, a connection.
Have nice bridge crossings.

Photo of a bridge
Over the bridge

Jul 3, 2013


I love the bright summer nights. Days are long if you don't watch the clock. These nights are serene, peaceful and calm. Hope you enjoy this photo, a photo of one of these beautiful nights.

Photo of a summer night
p.s. Thanks goes to my friend +Aziz Nasuti for lending me his lens to take this photo.

Summer day

Last Sunday was a beautiful summer day with a pleasant weather, sunny and clear. Downtown by the river there is a nice area for walking. The river is called Nidelven which passes across Trondheim city.

photo of a summer day
Summer day

Jul 1, 2013

Resting boat

Here is a photo of a boat resting in the night. During the post processing of this photo I found that my monitor is not correctly calibrated. I spent some time to calibrate my screen in order to process my photos more accurate and hopefully the photos look fine on any calibrated monitor!

By the way, following my previous post, I decided to use sRGB color space for all my photos getting published on the web. I think that is the safest option right now.

Have a good time!

Photo of a resting boat
Resting boat

Watching the far side of the sea

Here is another photo from my last photo tour with friends. At the sea, Trondheim fjørd, during sunset.
Thanks to +Edris Agheb for standing in the photo and thanks to +Aziz Nasuti for lending me his 24mm lens.

Recently I had a problem with the color space for my photos on the web. I use Adobe RGB98 color space locally (sometimes ProPhoto RGB color space).  But when posted on the web, the color space is altered and said to be uncalibrated which results in different colors on the photo, generally the photo looks washed out. I have exported this photo in sRGB color space and I hope it works fine on the web.

Have a good time!

Watching the far side of the sea

Jun 29, 2013

Midnight at the seaside

Yesterday night I was out for photography with friends. This time at the seaside. Nice weather and a nice sunset.

To take the photo bracketing is used, and I merged 4 of the photos with different exposures manually in PS and then edited in Capture NX2.

It was my first time shooting with fantastic 24mm Nikkor lens, which I borrowed it from +Aziz Nasuti and I thank him for it. The lens is really great.

Photo of Midnight Sunset
Midnight Sunset

Photographing dance of Northern lights

December 2012 two friends of mine came to visit me here in Norway. But in December it is cold and dark. I should show them a beauty of nature that is not possible to see everywhere, but it is possible in Norway. So we traveled to the north, Tromsø, a city in Earth's polar region, to watch northern lights, also called Aurora.

First thing you need is that the sun has enough activity to make northern lights happen. Next, a clear sky is demanded and it highly depends on your luck. Our trip was only for two nights, and believe it or not, we have been so lucky that we watched fantastic Aurora show both nights. There was a man in our hotel waiting to see northern lights for two weeks. It was such a joy and strong feeling of natures' beauty and it's magics. Watching the northern lights is a wonderful unique experience.

Photographing northern lights is not that easy. Recommended gears are those with low noise profile, like a full frame camera/DSLR, with a wide/ultra-wide angle lens (objective) that has a large aperture opening or small f-number (e.g. f/1.2, f/1.4, f/1.8). I had none of these that time. My gear was a Nikon D80 with a 35mm f/1.8G lens (f-stop is fine but it is not wide angle, on D80, 35mm is equivalent to 52.5mm on a full frame camera, i.e., x1.5). Nevertheless trying it was worth. Every moment of this happening is so unique that should be captured. 

Here I share some of the photos I took and developed. I will hopefully post more of these photos later.
I hope you enjoy these photos. Your comments are very welcome!

Have a good time!

Jun 24, 2013

Here it begins!

I have created this blog ( mainly to write about my photography, show my photos and to hear from you :)
However, I don't limit the contents only to photography. For example, I may record some sounds and share that here. And that is the reason of this title, 'Light and Sound'. Still other topics are possible, see how precise it is! I hope I can keep up with what I have just started and post as often as I can, and I hope to hear from you and receive your comments.

So let's start. For this first post I would like to share a portrait photography. Some time ago, not very far, I had a short trip to Istanbul, Turkey. That time there was no protests in this beautiful city. I have found Istanbul a great tourist destination, great city with very nice people. Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is a major attraction. As the name says, it is grand and crowded with unlimited shopping choices.
While I was touring around the Grand Bazaar I saw this man pulling a cart with a noticeable effort. His face called me and I followed him, reached him and asked him whether he lets me to take his photo. Well as you might guess, he kindly let me to do so, thanks goes to him. 

I appreciate your comments and/or photo critics.


Photo of a Turkish man
A Turkish man