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Jun 24, 2013

Here it begins!

I have created this blog ( mainly to write about my photography, show my photos and to hear from you :)
However, I don't limit the contents only to photography. For example, I may record some sounds and share that here. And that is the reason of this title, 'Light and Sound'. Still other topics are possible, see how precise it is! I hope I can keep up with what I have just started and post as often as I can, and I hope to hear from you and receive your comments.

So let's start. For this first post I would like to share a portrait photography. Some time ago, not very far, I had a short trip to Istanbul, Turkey. That time there was no protests in this beautiful city. I have found Istanbul a great tourist destination, great city with very nice people. Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is a major attraction. As the name says, it is grand and crowded with unlimited shopping choices.
While I was touring around the Grand Bazaar I saw this man pulling a cart with a noticeable effort. His face called me and I followed him, reached him and asked him whether he lets me to take his photo. Well as you might guess, he kindly let me to do so, thanks goes to him. 

I appreciate your comments and/or photo critics.


Photo of a Turkish man
A Turkish man

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