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Jul 1, 2013

Watching the far side of the sea

Here is another photo from my last photo tour with friends. At the sea, Trondheim fjørd, during sunset.
Thanks to +Edris Agheb for standing in the photo and thanks to +Aziz Nasuti for lending me his 24mm lens.

Recently I had a problem with the color space for my photos on the web. I use Adobe RGB98 color space locally (sometimes ProPhoto RGB color space).  But when posted on the web, the color space is altered and said to be uncalibrated which results in different colors on the photo, generally the photo looks washed out. I have exported this photo in sRGB color space and I hope it works fine on the web.

Have a good time!

Watching the far side of the sea


  1. So so beautiful, great colors and mood!
    I very much like it, the seagull there had done excellent job in the composition.