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Aug 12, 2013


The grand bazaar of Istanbul offers a big variety of things. One can find almost everything there. Window of a carpet shop was one of the most eye catching vitrines with beautiful carpets in different gorgeous colors.

Photo of a carpet shop window in Grand bazaar of Istanbul

Aug 7, 2013

Fruit photography

For the first time I tried fruit photography with controlled light (almost) by these strawberries. I used a Nikon SB-900 strobe with a small Lastolite soft box on it, and a golden reflector. In the setup the strobe was firing from front right side with about 40 degrees from the horizontal line of the strawberries' imaginary plane. The golden reflector was on the left side very close to the berries. I also used a 20mm extension tube from Polaroid to give my 85mm lens a little macro capability, so that I could focus from a closer distance.
The result is post processed in Capture NX2.

Photo of strawberries

Inside a Cathedral in Barcelona

Photographying with a high-end DSLR is great for having high quality photos and using numerous great options, and I love it. With that in mind, I also enjoy taking photos with mobile phones to capture fun photos of my kids and locations to record my memories, and typically that is when I do not have my big camera by side. Mobile phones are handy to use. The story of a photo is independent to the type of the used camera. That is why I think mobile phone camera is great for documentation and recording memories although I cannot produce high quality prints out of that.

That much said, here is a photo I took in a Cathedral in Barcelona, Spain, when I had not my DSLR camera along.

This is taken on Android phone and it is touched with Snapseed photo editor.

Aug 6, 2013


I was playing with an archive photo to make it more interesting. The big change in this photo is the sky color. It was not reddish at all, it was gray-blue-ish cloudy and boring. So here is a manipulated photo.
Applying such changes is simple in Capture NX2 using the powerful Color Control Point tool.

Photo of a road

Aug 4, 2013

Sailing in a sunny day

It is about a long time I could not post here since I was quite busy.
Today the weather was very nice, a sunny warm summer day, an exceptional day here. I spent a while by the sea and clouds were crazy, big bumpy clouds. I loved it.
I hope everyone had a lovely summer.

Photo of a sailing boat in the sea