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Sep 13, 2013

We are down here!

We are down here! The boys shout and run, again and again.
The above line is what I feel about this image. I consider this image to be in abstract or conceptual category, and sure anyone can have a different perception. I would like to know what others comprehend from this image. Maybe you can tell me yours.
The photo is taken in Vigelandsparken in Oslo.

Abstract or conceptual photo.

Sep 12, 2013

Tree Tunnel

Here is a stylish work of a photo taken in Frogner park, Oslo. A beautiful tree tunnel close to the main entrance of the park.
RAW process is done within Nikon Capture NX2 and the toned balck and white work is done in Silver FX Pro2.

A photo of a tree tunnel taken in Frogner park, Oslo
Tree Tunnel

Sep 7, 2013

Run the autumn

Fall is here and the leaves are falling. I am waiting for more colors and beautiful autumn scenes. This photo has an stylish theme, that is I processed it with some touch of own style. The photo is taken in Frogner park in Oslo, a very famous and beautiful park.

Run the autumn

Oslo Opera

Oslo's opera house ( is very special and has a great architecture. It is located by the sea with a beautiful view towards the sea. I took this shot long after sunset from a pedestrian stair ways holding the camera steady on the stairs' guard since I did not have a tripod. This long shot is taken with a Nikon 50mm lens.

A night photo of Oslo Opera
Oslo Opera

Ahh! Really?

A girl is sitting by the Oslo Opera where a huge image of a man is on its glass wall. From this point of view it looks like they are talking with each other and the man is surprised by what she has said.
Photo from Oslo Opera.

Sep 1, 2013

Paint it good

It is time for a post after a long silence. And here is a still life shot, a photo of some painting brushes. I tried to give this photo a special style, a different mood.
And, no I don't paint but I would love to.
A photo of a set of beautiful painting brushes
Paint it good